Theme nights

In the YMCA Minsk there are several types of theme nights. You can plunge into the native culture, learn more about Belarusian traditions, dance folk dances, sing your favorite songs, taste delicious draniki, mochanka and excellent kvass at the night of Belarusian culture. At this meeting, we speak only our native language!

Furthermore, swiss-nights have become a part of the YMCA Minsk culture. It’s not surprising, as for many years the main partner of the organization has been CEVI. It’s the Swiss YMCA, which is located in Zurich, the largest city of Switzerland. Preparing Swiss pasta, traditional fondue, baking bananas with chocolate and enjoying this meal under the red flag with a cross- is an exciting lesson for Belarusian people. When our partners come to Belarus, Swiss evenings are held in a special atmosphere! You can learn more about the traditions and culture of Belarus and Switzerland together with the YMCA Minsk several times a year. Do not miss the opportunity to try pancakes and bananas, baked with chocolate!

Coordinator: Nadezhda Rubtsevich tel. +375 29 2845228

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Nadezhda Rubtsevich

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