Tensing. Hip-hop

This creative branch in YMCA Minsk has been developing since 2008. Since then, we have learned a lot, and besides we have attended different festivals.

In classical tensing the classes are divided into four workshops - dance, drama, band and chorus. The goal of the classes is the development and realization of the creative skills of the teenagers and young people. Besides, we offer an even more exciting branch - hip-hop. This is a street dance, which dates back to the 1970s and includes a wide range of styles - break dance, lock, popping and some others. Hip-Hop differs from other dance styles by its "freestyle" that means an improvisation. Hip-hop dancers organize freestyle competitions, called "battles."

In the YMCA Minsk, hip-hop classes are held twice a week. They help us to develop both physically and psychologically, to feel free and express the emotions through movements. Our VK community - https://vk.com/hip_hop_ymca

Coordinator: Anna Tamkovich tel. +375 29 1574599

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