This movement originated in 1907 and today it unites about 40 million people in almost 220 countries around the world. Scouting received its name from the word "scout". And the real scouts actually want to explore the world around, develop their abilities and talents and expand their horizons.

Tying "cunning" knots, setting up a tent, making up a fire in all weather conditions, good orienting in any unfamiliar terrain – these and many other useful skills the scouts acquire. And also you can learn to be self-reliant, find friends, travel around Belarus and other countries, fill the daily routine with bright emotions and discoveries. And all this benefits to your physical and spiritual development, makes you ready for an active and responsible life.

In the YMCA Minsk, theoretical and practical scouting classes take place almost every weekend. In addition, the guys regularly go on hikes and to scout camps.

Coordinator: Pavel Levytchenkov tel. +375 44 5670870

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Pavel Levytchenkov

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