Give a miracle

Each of us can become a magician and give joy to children and teenagers. For the first time the participants of the YMCA Minsk organized the action «Give a miracle» in 2005. The volunteers collected Christmas letters from orphans from the Bobruisk orphanage and answered the children on behalf of Father Frost's assistants, adding kind words with sweet gifts.

Now the circle of volunteers is much broader, and the number of children they give joy and hope also increases. Gifts are prepared not only on Christmas Eve, but also at other times of the year. Everyone helps as much as he can. Some people buy gifts, others wrap them in beautiful packages. Among the participants there are also those who prepare an entertainment program and give presents to the children. The members and volunteers of the YMCA Minsk conduct workshops on preparing hand-made treats and gifts. All these gifts are sent to the children in need. Give a miracle with us!

Coordinator: Darya Shvedovskaya tel. +375 29 2275036

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Darya Shvedovskaya

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