English school through movie watching

In the YMCA Minsk, there are classes of the English language school. The format of the classes changes with the coming of new teachers. Now the guys learn the language while watching movies. The main rule is “Only English!” A lively discussion of the movie takes place in English, so the participants improve their communication skills and learn the opinions of their mates, argue, agree and analyze. All this goes in the form of "English speaking club". Anyone can participate in the program "English school through movie watching ", although the preference is given to the YMCA members. The registration for the lesson is obligatory, as the

number of seats is limited. Let's improve the language together! Speech practice, an interesting movie with English subtitles and live communication in the best traditions of YMCA are waiting for you!

Coordinator: Darya Shvedovskaya tel. +375 29 2275036

Leaders of programm

Darya Shvedovskaya

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