Educational programs

If you want to learn the secrets of a healthy lifestyle, how to hold seminars for students and gain some other skills the YMCA volunteers are here to help you. Hundreds of schoolchildren and students have become the participants of our seminars. During such meetings they’ve learned to distinguish the truth and myths about the problem of the spread of HIV infection and the use of psychoactive substances, including spices. They have studied the topical subjects of the 21st century - equality and gender equality. In addition, young people have tried themselves in the role of multipliers, and then in the next seminars, they shared their experience in this area with their peers. You can become a multiplier too!

Coordinator: Ruslan Ananiev tel. +375 29 7878688
           Anastasia Bobrovskaya tel. +375 29 2956419

Leaders of programm

Anastasia Bobrovskaya

Ruslan Ananeu

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