Theme nights

In the YMCA Minsk there are several types of theme nights. You can plunge into the native culture, learn more about Belarusian traditions, dance folk dances, sing your favorite songs, taste delicious draniki, mochanka and excellent kvass at the night of Belarusian culture. At this meeting, we speak only our native language!

Ecological direction

If we want to improve the ecological situation, we must act together. Our planet, our country and Minsk is our home that needs protection.

YMCA Minsk volunteers regularly organize actions for cleaning forest park areas, separate garbage collection and environmental education of children and youth. Besides, they provide shelter for animals. Join us!

Educational programs

If you want to learn the secrets of a healthy lifestyle, how to hold seminars for students and gain some other skills the YMCA volunteers are here to help you. Hundreds of schoolchildren and students have become the participants of our seminars. During such meetings they’ve learned to distinguish the truth and myths about the problem of the spread of HIV infection and the use of psychoactive substances, including spices. They have studied the topical subjects of the 21st century - equality and gender equality.


This movement originated in 1907 and today it unites about 40 million people in almost 220 countries around the world. Scouting received its name from the word "scout". And the real scouts actually want to explore the world around, develop their abilities and talents and expand their horizons.

English school through movie watching

In the YMCA Minsk, there are classes of the English language school. The format of the classes changes with the coming of new teachers. Now the guys learn the language while watching movies. The main rule is “Only English!” A lively discussion of the movie takes place in English, so the participants improve their communication skills and learn the opinions of their mates, argue, agree and analyze. All this goes in the form of "English speaking club". Anyone can participate in the program "English school through movie watching ", although the preference is given to the YMCA members.

Give a miracle

Each of us can become a magician and give joy to children and teenagers. For the first time the participants of the YMCA Minsk organized the action «Give a miracle» in 2005. The volunteers collected Christmas letters from orphans from the Bobruisk orphanage and answered the children on behalf of Father Frost's assistants, adding kind words with sweet gifts.

Tensing. Hip-hop

This creative branch in YMCA Minsk has been developing since 2008. Since then, we have learned a lot, and besides we have attended different festivals.

International Youth Cooperation

Study geography not with the help of maps, but during the trips to other countries! Our organization - YMCA Belarus - is part of a large global YMCA, which brings together over 50 million people from more than 130 countries.

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