YMCA Minsk held a meeting in social entrepreneurship for students and went into regions

In October and November several serious events for YMCA Minsk took place.

In Minsk Anastasia Bobrovskaya, the coach of YMCA Minsk, held informal lesson for students of BSU college.

Teenagers found out why many people nowadays engaged in social entrepreneurship , the difference between social entrepreneurship and business and eligibilities for it

Success of social entrepreneurship measured also in social effect.

Social entrepreneurship solve social , ecological problems with the help of successful business-model.

Such models consist of reinvestment, innovations , democratic ways of management.

Students found out which problems this business solves: poverty and financial insecurity; aging population; youth unemployment; discrepancies in education and medical care; fighting with addictions and aberrant behavior ; decrease of natural resources; ecology problems.

Demographic and ecological problems will be worsen.

Drawing on basic criteria of social entrepreneurship , teenagers created their projects.

The main aim – solving the social and ecological problem with the help of business-model; reinvestment of profits in the process of solving the problem , using it with the aim to help society , but not to enrich founders of the business;

Now students understand that, social entrepreneurship – is entrepreneurship the aim of which is to solve or ease social problems.

Participants created 4 projects of social entrepreneurship and presented it for everyone.

Students decided how people returned from the zones which are not so remote can join the society. 

Also the project of national park instead of ZOOs for animals was created . The participants expressed their opposition to animal abuse. Students offered to fill vacancies for people with disabilities, and give tours , buy ecological products. 

Another project of social entrepreneurship fights of bulling , which now occurred not only at schools and universities , but in social networks and the Internet .Teenagers offered different ways of help to affected and tried to find some ways of solving the problem.

YMCA Minsk in partnership with NSNL and Inspired BY participated in the meeting Inspired BY «Inspired BY Borisov».

«Inspired BY Borisov» took place twice. Every participant could find a soulmate to realize their own ideas. At the end of the meeting, concerned citizens decided to write an appeal to the district Executive Committee about holding a round table on the reconstruction of the Park and improvement of the waterfront. 

The meetup was quite dynamic and active. Participants discussed issues and problems in detail.

The first discussion was the hottest one. There were a lot of talks about gender stereotypes, the role of men and women in our society and in the upbringing of children.

«Every family has at least two partners who need to agree on how to live. If you can not exist harmoniously, there is no sense in such a family. We need to take care of a harmonious family», — is one of the most important quotes of the first discussion about gender stereotypes.

Stereotypes and rules imposed by society spoil the lives of both women and men. In a lively discussion people tried to look at these problems from different sides.

Andrey Maksimenko's master class on civil and cultural events in the city was interesting and involved.

The participants devided into groups: some represented civil society, some non-governmental associations, and some were representatives of the local administration. 

Working in groups to create the projects and present their ideas showed that, despite the proximity of the representatives of these three important groups, no one tried to unite in order to create a joint project or solve a specific common problem. Unfortunately, we face with it in real life: the three associations mostly coexist in parallel dimensions, rarely intersect and do not conduct an adequate dialogue.

This feedback shows that we need to cooperate with each other, because there are no obstacles as such. 

Lawyer and advocate Oleg Matskevich told about his experience with appeals, how to write them, and of which forms they can be. Now everyone who has been at the meeting knows that there are not only individual appeals, but also collective appeals, and even repeated ones, and the term of consideration of appeals to the UN is 5 years.

In the second part of the event, the participants talked about the possibilities of social entrepreneurship in Borisov and the new urbanism. Borisov residents together with activists from Molodechno and Zhodino actively discussed what needs to be done in the city and what is missing.

On the interactive map of Borisov were drawn significant objects that the participants would like to see in the city. It was interesting to know that people need a big and beautiful fountain, a caramel shop and more green areas, change harmful to nature "tradition" and create an interesting and meaningful place.

Youth club "Be yourself" presented the actual environmental project.

Maria Batrakova told about the main idea of the project: the creation of an alley of graduates or separate zones where trees will be planted, as an alternative to launching balloons at the last bell and at the Proms.

Balls are harmful to the environment, birds and animals living in it. Latex, of which the ball is made, decomposes about 4 years, in nylon rope-100 years. Birds die by getting entangled in the ribbons from the balls or eating them. Not many people know that the balls are filled with a substance on the verge of extinction-helium. It happens that the flying balls are confused in the wires, which leads to fires. 

By the way, neither our parents nor our grandparents had a tradition of launching balloons at Proms.

The children received recommendations from an architect and a lawyer, collected signatures for a collective appeal to the city administration about the introduction of a new environmentally useful tradition in Borisov.

What are the alternatives?

For example, you can plant a tree, lay a time capsule or blow soap bubbles.

The participants of the youth club "Be yourself" suggested using the example of the Gymnasium No. 1 of the city of Borisov to graduates to plant arborvitae or other trees, and not to launch balloons into the sky. Nature will not be polluted, and the alleys will remain about your childhood.

It is never too late to join in the activity. It is necessary not just to dream that something has changed in Borisov, but also to act.

«When you're young and reckless, you can do a lot»

Director Yevgeny Lytkin shared interesting memories from the 2000s, when Borisov managed to collect garbage in one day, find a sponsor, a platform and organize a rock concert of local bands (and then there were about 10):

— When you're young and reckless, you can do a lot!

It was interesting to learn about the experience, where and how to find money for the implementation of their project.

Evgeny spoke about the peculiarities of crowdfunding platforms. When there is no money, but there is a desire, platforms such as ulej.by, molamola.by, talaka.org, planeta.ru, kickstarter.com, boomstarter.ru, will help to find sponsors and like-minded people. So Zhenya's team managed to make a short film "Ro and j".

Activist Dmitry Kononuchenko spoke about the social and educational institution " Fatherhood»:

— Our main task is to assist fathers and children in building the right relationships that contribute to the formation of a healthy family. Through the training and involvement of specialists and the formation of responsible fatherhood, a holistic understanding of the child's personality in the family, a holistic understanding of the role of the father in the family; promotion of protection and education.

Our dads are actively involved in sports activities, such as volleyball tournaments or Fatherhood Cup football. It is very important to involve fathers in joint sports with children.

The participation (or non-participation) of the father in the life of the child has an impact on his whole life. American scientists claim that the IQ of children with an active parent is 12 percent higher than that of other children, emotional intelligence — 3 times.

And how did you spend the autumn?


Bobrovskaya Anastasia

Photo by EX-PRESS.BY & Bobrovskaya Anastasia

Translated by Alexandra Sinyavskaya

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