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We are young active people from Minsk. We are united by the desire to develop physically, spiritually, to engage in creativity and sports, to go camping, travel, and help other people. We are a part of the large international organization YMCA, which has been developing for more than 170 years and brings together over 50 million people all over the world. And that helps us to expand the boundaries of life, to use in our activities the valuable experience acquired for many years all over the world.

What we do?

We are developing several key areas - Scouting (hiking and camp), Tensing (music and theater), promotion of healthy lifestyles in young people develop leadership skills, international exchanges. But at the same time support and other initiatives - for example, conduct classes in English and Belarusian "vecharyny" carried away "zumba" and floorball. We do not read boring lectures, and fascinating, playful way we share with each other unique knowledge.

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