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We are young active people from Minsk. We are united by the desire to develop physically, spiritually, to engage in creativity and sports, to go camping, travel, and help other people. We are a part of the large international organization YMCA, which has been developing for more than 170 years and brings together over 50 million people all over the world. And that helps us to expand the boundaries of life, to use in our activities the valuable experience acquired for many years all over the world.


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Перемены в YMCA Minsk, свежий взгляд

В YMCA Minsk выбрали нового председателя Совета. Обновился состав Совета и Ревизионной комиссии. Как это повлияет на дальнейшее развитие отделения?


YMCA Minsk определил, куда двигаться дальше

В Минске прошла встреча по стратегическому планированию на ближайшие три года. В воскресенье, 9 февраля, члены и волонтеры YMCA Minsk приняли участие в разработке стратегического планирования на ближайшие три года.


How was the conference, and who of YMCA Minsk joined the National Council

YMCA Minsk delegates attended the conference last weekend.


YMCA Minsk volunteers took part in the National Forum

What award the Minsk local branch received, and how the members of the YMCA Minsk felt at the Forum, read further in the article.


YMCA Minsk held a meeting in social entrepreneurship for students and went into regions

YMCA Minsk in partnership with NSNL and Inspired BY participated in the meeting Inspired BY «Inspired BY Borisov» and held a training in social entrepreneurship for students of our capital.


They were soaking wet before start and dried during the quest. YMCA volunteers conducted “Open Minsk”.

The quest “Open Minsk” took place in Minsk.
The participants sorted the garbage, guessed the languages, made the happiness birds and notebooks by themselves.


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