“Open Minsk – 2018”: a big cake with dances, “roses” and quiz

Rebus, dancing, exercise for the mind, sweet cake and a lot of bright emotions. The YMCA Minsk volunteers held the Open Minsk quest on the last day of September, which became a good tradition.

Participants of the quest united in two teams and went the route. The map on which there were rebus-tips helped them.

Volunteers awaited at each destination. They briefly told about one of the activities of the YMCA Minsk and offered the participants to perform the task. Points are added according to the results of each stage.

The participants learned to dance hip-hop on one stage; on the other they tried to repeat the movements of zumba. In addition, as real scouts, we tried to memorize about 40 objects in a minute, also they collected leaves as ecologists. Having heard the story about the charity event “Create a miracle”, they made “roses” of twigs, leaves of the trees and threads. They also tried themselves in the role of multipliers: while one of the blindfolded participants was looking for pieces of paper in the grass, the others gave the cues to her. At the “international” stage we had fun during the Swiss game with cubes, chocolate and changing clothes. At the "English" point, it was necessary to list in order of 10 languages, in which a song from a popular cartoon was performed.

“I liked hip-hop dancing,” Veronika Mikhnovets shared her impressions. “It was also interesting to check if I could memorize forty items in a minute.”

“I conduct scouting classes at YMCA Minsk,” said one of the organizers of the quest Pavel Levytchenkov. - The development of mindfulness and observation is one of the tasks of training. Therefore, I suggested to the participants of “Open Minsk” training their memory - I showed a lot of different objects hidden under the veil (a knife, ropes, photos, keys, and so on). And then asked them to list all from memory. The guys tried very hard and showed good results.

At the last stage the teams competed in quiz - answered intellectual quiz questions. They had to remember all the countries in which the national currency is the krone and to name the city, which was founded in 1201 on the lands of the Livs by ancient navigators.

Based on the results of all stages, the winning team was determined and prizes were awarded. The rest of the quest participants also received chocolates with YMCA Minsk symbolism. After the awards ceremony everyone ate a huge cake made by YMCA Minsk volunteers.

“We try to conduct the Open Minsk quest every year at the beginning of the school year,” said the chairman of the YMCA Minsk Alexander Trushnikov. - For me, “Open Minsk” means new acquaintances, bright positive emotions and discoveries, new opportunities.

According to Alexander Trushnikov “Open Minsk” is a good opportunity to meet guys from other local branches of the YMCA of Belarus who moved to the capital to study or work and to attract new people, talk about our activities and support their creative ideas.

Ruslan Ananyev

photo by Ruslan Ananev

Translated by Galina Lushchyk

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