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The first cooperative cycling trip was accomplished by Minsk YMCA representatives and active rest club "Quick traveller". They were riding approximately 70 km past the picturesque Smolevich and Borisov districts.

The route was mapped from the railway station Barsuki to Borisov with the overnight stop near the Berizina's high coast in the Peski village. Seven people came to this trip. They are four boys and three girls.

‘We are impressed by the lovely forest landscapes,’ told the Minsk YMCA chairman Aleksander Trushnikov. ‘We had time to gather mushrooms and fill up our bodies with the vitamins from fresh berries on the way over. During the trip we passed by a couple of villages. Also we dropped in a district consumers society's shop to buy tinned meat and some other products. The assortment of the products was poor. However, the poster of Alexander Solodyha on the wall cheered us up. The place were we had an overnight blown our socks off. There was a glorious view of the river Berezina. A local citizen told us the history of the small Peski village and showed us the best place for our camping.’

According to the Alexander's words, on the next cycling trip he also wants to attend churches and some other historical places. He was also thinking of buying a luggage rack, because carrying a satchel is very heavy and painful to the back.

‘Most of all I adored how we were moving and pitching camps in unison. While someone was falling behind, the rest were waiting for him in the shadow of the trees or picking berries and mushrooms,’ said the leader of the active rest club Quick traveller Anton Ivanov. ‘It was also great that there were few shops on the way so we didn't have do carry all the provision and could go the half of the road with light baggage. During the trip we also enjoyed ourselves near the lake Berezina. Some of us were swimming, some preferred boating.’

'The most important in the cycling trip,as in any other trip, I guess, is preparation,' explained Anton. ‘It's important to pack all the necessary stuff optimally without overloading the baggage. Also we had to map out the road and be ready for any situation. We had to bring a medicine box, some instruments to fix bicycles and tents and check the nearest residential areas which had shops and first-aid posts. And we had to think over the alternative methods of returning to the starting point of the journey.’

Ruslan Ananiev

Translated by Veronika Kostyuk

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