YMCA Minsk volunteers took part in the National Forum

Representatives of YMCA Minsk, who participated in the Forum, shared their impressions of the meeting.

Nadezhda Rubtsevich:
- The Forum was great. Firstly, there was a cool event with reports from local organizations in the pecha-heap format, during which you could roughly understand how each YMCA lives, there were separate reports on interesting initiatives from young leaders and a separate report from Olga Lukina from YMCA Of Europe. Secondly, there were several workshops. Inessa Volochko was at the project documentation, Nastya Novitskaya was at the motivation master class, and I was with Sergey Malko at the event where we together threw ideas on events that we can implement with YMCA of the Netherlands. The number of their local branches and the number of people involved in the work of YMCA were quite impressive. They also summed up the results of the year and awarded the winners in the nominations "Best-2019". Vitebsk took almost everything. I want to note the evening conversation. There were 5 different points where you could talk, meditate, and nostalgia. The event was cool. The representatives of the local branches gathered not to learn, not to debate, but to share, show what we have what we can do together. This friendly and creative atmosphere is that what the organization lacks between camps. This was the most important. Awareness of who is doing what in their localities, awareness of what is happening around us, new contacts, new ideas, new understandings that can turn into new events.

Igor Lobkov:
- The forum was very eventful. The presentation told about the work of each local branch, there was a discussion of activities with partners from Holland and Sweden. At the end of the day, a spiritual evening awaited us. All this was in the Ponemontsy, a place that unites us, and every year it becomes more comfortable.

Sergey Malko:
- At the Forum, we presented our local branches, talked about the interaction between the branches, about strategic planning, financial stability and other issues interesting for the life of the local branch. At one workshop, they discussed plans for cooperation with the Nederland YMCA, proposed options for joint activities in the framework of the planned events. And in the evening Vitebsk took almost all the nominations in the year’s results. And then we spent the evening mentally watching photos, pair modeling with one hand near a fire or on sleeping bags.

It should be noted that YMCA Minsk members won the #VideoNaKolenke contest.

The video director told how he got inspiration to make the video.

Vasily Sinyak:
- I played the role of director and cameraman, I edited the footage. It was interesting to work with new effects in video editing, for example, the green screen. As a result the bright and cool video won the competition for the best video.

Bobrovskaya Anastasia

Translated by Galina Lushchyk

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