At YMCA Minsk they had a training in project management.

The participants learned the difference between projects, programs, enterprises and events, studied in detail the algorithm for creating, realizing and finishing a project. Thus they learned how a project is born, how to prepare a demanded product, what kind of mistakes that can make an applicant not receive funding - there was a lot of theory and practical advice. Olga Krus, project manager of YMCA Belarus, spoke about successful project and not so successful projects, laid out the theory of project management, recommended a lot of popular and relevant literature, and shared life hacks. After the meetings the participants said that it was particularly useful for them.

Alexander Trushnikov:

- Everything was useful, but the most informative for me was the agile methodology, the theory of changes and the creation of a logical matrix for a project. Impressions of enlightenment. I feel motivated and full of energy to work!

Julia Kamyak:

- Evidently, as my whole life is connected to mathematics, I liked the part of the training called “Design logic” most of all. I realized that project management is not such a terrible beast when you understand what, why and how to proceed. In the end you feel pleasant fatigue and great thanks to Olga Krus for the work she has done.

Anastasiia Bodrovskaya:

- I found the answers to my questions almost immediately. I was interested in getting to know why several of my projects did not get approval for Belarusian and international grants. I have participated in my competitions, but, unfortunately, I have not been able to realize my ideas and projects. Now I clearly understand why. I relied only on myself and funding from donors, but this is not enough: it is imperative to show in the application that there is help and partners and other possibilities besides the donor. A logical, albeit complicated, algorithm makes it possible to evaluate the project, set tasks, analyze risks and so on. Today was a very useful training and I am glad that, finally, I can make my dreams come true. All thanks to the correct theory and advice from the experienced Olga Krus.

Irina Protko:

– Our sincere gratitude to Olga for the work done on the preparation and conduct of the training. The most high-quality, based on thorough knowledge, specific things and must have literature. Not a single question remained unanswered!


Anastasia Bobrovskaya

Translated by Mathias Nikolai Arnesen

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