YMCA Minsk in Switzerland: conquered the Alps, boiled the buckwheat in the suburbs of Zurich and surprised friends with the home kvass

The representatives of the Minsk local department not only breathed the fresh Switzerland air, held an interesting scout program, tasted fondue, cheese and chocolate and visited the sights of Zurich, but also were in the Alps, climbed the height of 2000 meters, walked to the lake, put the puzzles of Zurich and geographical world map together, succeeded in holding the traditional Belarussian evening and cooked the kvass. And it is all for 11 days being there.

Read more about the impressions of the members of the program.

Alexander Trushnikov, the head of Minsk local department:

- It was interesting. There were 8 people, it was a 12-days’ trip and we visited Lichtenstein. We had 4 unforgettable days in the mountains. We went on snowshoes, rode the snowboard and sleds, played allias, uno, mafia and sang the songs. During the trip, we had an interesting program: we held the scout program, took part in the photoquest, climbed the mountains, visited Lichtenstein and held the Belarussian evening. Also we talked over new partner ideas. Thank to Ester for her responsibility and organization. We look forward to seeing our guys and now we are preparing an interesting program in Belarus for them.

Anton Arhipenko:

- I liked it. The height of the snow in the Alps and positive cows surprised me. I liked the fresh air and good weather. I would like to visit Switzerland one more time.

Irina Protko:

- The weather surprised me. You can’t say which season of the year it is. It is warmer in 2 times than in Belarus. There are no ugly places at all. The life is calm the people are friendly. I like the rubbish to be sorted. All that you need is near to you. Communications, shops and cafes are enough in the cities and villages. Due to the well-developed traffic system it takes you less than an hour to get the city. I will definitely go again.

Anastasia Bobrovskaya:

- The Alps impressed me most of all, I liked to cook on the fire for scouts, walk around the city at night and sing the songs to a guitar. I was in Switzerland 3 times and only this time I learned that a good wine is cooked in Zurich. I tried and liked it. This trip was very exciting and good for practicing English and German.

Anna Svetnik:

- I liked all: the program, the weather and the people… We spent cool time! Every day was so saturated that I had not time to call home. I liked the quiet and comfortable public transport (but the prices are high enough). Due to the warm weather, all the winter clothes stayed lying in the bags. But we prepared for another. I liked riding the slades, when you risk to fly off the cliff. Also I am sure that all of us liked the Belarussian evening with its national dishes, interesting quiz and master-class on weaving bracelets. I will go again with great pleasure.

Anastasia Bobrovskaya

Translated by Galina Lushchyk

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