YMCA Minsk in the regions: environmental training was held in Borisov Central Library

On Sunday, November 4, the environmental educational training "Ecological friendlyness is closer than you think" took place in Borisov Central Regional Library named after I. Kh. Kolodeev.

Borisov residents have found out what sustainable development goals are, what the Zero Waste concept means, how to turn waste into income in modern conditions, why paper bags are not an alternative to plastic, how to reduce a great number of impulsive and unnecessary purchases, and many other important and interesting things. The participants have learned to sort the garbage. What is more, they have shared their own positive Zero Waste experiences. It was nice to hear that Borisov residents sorted the garbage, and some of them even composted unnecessary products. Informal education has helped to show how easy it is to be eco-friendly, to protect nature and to buy only necessary goods and products. YMCA Minsk has worked out some useful tips that will help us to be eco-friendly:

Make only necessary purchases:

* Going shopping, take your own cloth bag or packet, so that every time you do not have to buy a new one;
* Teach kids how to shop eco-friendly;
* Buy local products, as for their transportation the use of fuel and the amount of harmful emissions are less;
* Give preference to products that have less packaging.

Save water:

* Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving;
* Boil in kettles as much water as you need at the moment;

Save electricity:

* Unplug all the devices when leaving home or going to bed;
* Use LED bulbs.

Reduce heat loss:

* Do not block the batteries with curtains;
* Use batteries with temperature regulators.

Use transport rationally:

* Try to limit the use of the car in the city, use public transport or walk;
* Use bike to get to your work or school;
* When driving, try to give someone a ride if you have the same destination.

Sort the garbage:

* Despite the fact that all the garbage is taken away by one car, it is still taken to the sorting line, that is why it is very important to throw all the garbage into the specialized tanks. Sort the garbage by separating paper, glass and plastic.

Say goodbye to plastic and use chemistry less:

* Use reusable utensils and stop the use of plastic and paper plates and glasses, as well as disposable kitchen utensils. Minimize the use of household chemicals. Use soda, mustard and lemon in order to wash the dishes and clean the bathroom. With these simple natural products, you can cope with most dirt.

Anastasia Bobrovskaya

Translated by Olya Barysh

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