"We need to be more sensitive and attentive to the people who are close to us": The film "Song of the Sea" was on the screen at YMCA Minsk.

Last Saturday, April 14, the film "The Song of the Sea" was on the screen at YMCA office in Minsk.

Thus, we study English through the cinema. "Song of the Sea" is a full-length color animated film created by the Irish company Cartoon Saloon. We watched this touching picture with English subtitles.

Tommy Moore, who is famous for the animation film «The Secret of Kells», directed this film. Like the previous one "The Song of the Sea" is based on the motives of Irish history and mythology.

The cartoon received a number of awards and was nominated for the Oscar in 2015 as the Best Animated Film.

According to the director, the film was based on some aspects of his childhood. The action takes place in October 1987, which Moore remembers as rainy and windy, the memories about the members of his family and pets became the images of some characters.

An interesting story, the loss of a loved one and many touching moments left no one indifferent. Such films evoke our emotions and we should watch them as often as possible.

Join us next time! It will be not only interesting, but also very useful.

The audience shared their impressions.

Oxana Shavel says "Many thanks to all for organizing the film viewing. It is such a profound cartoon and beautiful music. The plot makes you think how it is important to accept someone’s choice, even if it seems to you crazy. Everyone has his own destiny, his own life (which is not always easy), we need to be more sensitive and attentive to the people who are close to us. Having come home I watched this film one more time with my child in Russian “.

Ksenia Borohovskaya says: “I liked it very much! There was cozy atmosphere, nice and light cartoon. It makes you think about your life and the importance of the family. It is also a beautiful picture and bewitching music. In general, it turned out very cool!”

Alexander Trushnikov, chairman of the YMCA Minsk said: - I liked the cartoon, it was easy and very interesting to watch.The vocabulary was not too difficult.


Anastasia Bobrovskaya

Translated by Galina Luschik

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