They were soaking wet before start and dried during the quest. YMCA volunteers conducted “Open Minsk”.

The quest “Open Minsk” took place in Minsk.
The participants sorted the garbage, guessed the languages, made the happiness birds and notebooks by themselves.

The volunteers and the organizers of the quest shared their impressions after conducting the action.

Alexander Trushnikov, the chairman of Minsk local organization:
- It was warmer than in previous times. I liked it. Everything was good. There were a lot of new tasks. The organizers’ group has changed. It also included the new members of YMCA who joined us after “Open Minsk-2018”. We took into account the last-year recommendations.

Oxana Shavel:

- I liked the quest. Alexander Trushnikov organized everything good as usual. I was responsible for the part “thematic meetings”. I told guys about the ways we organize Belarussian and Swiss evenings, what guests visit us, what games do we play. The guys made a Happiness bird of hay and thread on my stage. The participants managed with it and ran to the next stage. Open Minsk is a great possibility to get to know the activity of our local department and meet people-the members of the organization, to spend a good time and learn something new. There were a quiz and tasty treats in the end. We got warm and having learnt new things came homes. It was great. I was pleased to spend this Sunday with YMCA.

Anton Ivanov:
— I have prepared the questions and rules for the quiz. I liked that the audience was active, answered my questions and discussed them. There was a feeling that the audience became younger but the same cheerful and interested.

Valentin Dorofeev:
— Emotions are good. Despite the rainy weather there were a lot of participants. It was good. I stayed on the stage “Educational programs”. At first, I told the participants about the YMCA activity concerning this direction. Then we played a game where a participant with the closed eyes should have collected 10 sheets with letters and made a word of them.

Anastasia Novitskaya:
— I told about the action “Give a miracle”. We made small notebooks.
 The guys were good. The weather was not so good. We were soaking wet before start and dried during the quest. The quiz and a hot tea made our mood better and the roof gave the possibility to speak with each other.

Vanya Gritskevich:
— I liked the guys’ reaction. There was a song that was sung in 25 languages. There were 10 languages in the piece of it. The guys guessed them. I liked the action, especially the cake and the quiz in the end. I think that you should come and participate in it.

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Anastasia Bobrovskaya
Translated by Galina Lushchyk

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