Sasha Penkrat: After such seminars, people are easier to make decisions, look for the right ways and reveal themselves.

The students filled in the form, responded to the testing. It is important that some guys found the answer to the question of who I want to be, and what profession I will devote life to.
Alexander Penkrat, the host of the meeting, says: Thanks to such seminars you get an incredible experience of communicating with people. The principle "peer educates the equal" is very important in communicating with teenagers, as they do not like to listen to the instructions of adults.

Alexander noted that there is a strong connection and impact between the equal people:
- Such seminars are very good. The question of choosing a profession is actual for teenagers. In this case, it is important to listen to a person and see his view of the whole situation. Seminar is like a bridge that leads to a rich source of information of a certain topic.
Sometimes you cannot avoid facing the organizational problems. The number of people at the seminar exceeded the number that was expected; anyway, we had a wonderful time. There were a lot of guys in the audience, but the interactive was poorly developed. That shows that not everyone is ready to contact, however, in the forms that were filled by the students, there were a lot of creative and interesting answers and opinions. I believe that such seminars should be held more often so that people can make decisions easier, find the right ways in their future life and reveal themselves completely.

Ksenia Borohovskaya noted that she liked the fact that the guys have already identified interests, many decided on the direction they want to go to:
It is also important that some students were interested in the information we gave. There were a lot of people, so there were difficulties with attracting attention. Although, every student should decide on the choice of profession.

Ksenia stressed: It is a very good and interesting seminar, it should be spent for a longer time and with fewer people.

Anastasia Bobrovskaya
Translated by Galina Luschik


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