Public speaking :How to become Napoleon

A well-thought-out ,but not just learned text.To get used to your own voise and be not so much emotional. The participants of the meeting,which was organised by YMCA Minsk,got acquainted with all these secrets.

Veronika Sadovnikova ,a member of national team YMCA from Minsk , shared interesting and useful knowledge.Karolina Terenteva from Vitebsk helped her.Liders and volunteers YMCA and people who decided to participate in these event for the first time had the opportunity to become their listeners .

Veronika and Karolina shared their experience as the participants of "Buziness-awakening 3.0" with the listeners. Many famous speakers took part in "Buziness-awakening 3.0", among them were a famous Russian Buziness-coach Radislav Gandapas, the writer, television anchorwoman and social activist Irina Hakamada ,Evgeny Chernyak ,who was shortlisted into top 100 businessmen 'Forbes', investor and co-owner 'Sushi -master' Alex Yanowski.

Participants get acquainted with advises from masters of public speaking .They give the advise to think carefully the text of the speech ,especially the beginning and conclussion of your speech.Another advise was to try not to remember your text ,but speak spontaneous,emotional and not forget about eye contact with your listeners . Good jokes and gesticulation help to make a good impression on listeners .

The council president of YMCA Minsk, Aleksandr Trushnikov , admitted that a practical part of story telling was very useful. It was very exciting to speak and really very interesting to listen other participants. It was very useful experience for our everyday life ." Who is not able to speak ,has no chances to make a career " said Napoleon Bonopart.

Veronika Sadovnikova ,a teacher and coach ,told that the skills of public speaking helped in her life .Especially , when she needed to speak on microphone for a big public during conferences,meetings,festivals .It is her work and she wants to share her emotions and thoughts effectively,manage and motivate them and of course inspire.And techniques of public speaking help her to do it !

Ruslan Ananyev

Translated by Alexandra Sinyavskaya

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