Master class, "Belarusian Alias", delicious "Babka" and kvass: Belarusian evening was held at YMCA Minsk.

A traditional Belarusian evening was held this Sunday, April 15, at YMCA Minsk. There were delicious "Babka" and kvass, straight talk, an interesting master class from Nadezhda Rubtsevich, where everyone made himself a doll-amulet, the game "Belarusian Alias", thanks to which we recalled such interesting words as "huma" and "parechki," and much more.

We can say with confidence: a real Belarusian evening is the evening where everyone touched the native culture, speak Belarusian and tried delicious traditional dishes! It was a very fun and warm evening.

Oxana Shavel noted: "I want to say thanks to Nadezhda for organizing a wonderful evening, and to all the guys for the excellent company. It was delicious, informative and creatively interesting. I will definitely come again. The result of our meeting is a huge amount of positive, new acquaintances and good mood! "

Igor Lobkov says: "It was interesting to touch the Belarusian culture through food, games and conversations. Although in everyday life we rarely use our mother tongue, there was an opportunity to speak the language. It would be good to continue to hold Belarusian evenings with different activities".

Anton Arhipenko added:

- I was pleased to be in the atmosphere of Belarus of the future, where everyone knows their native language. Also thanks to the hostess of the flat, thanks for the delicious dishes and interesting master class. It was very interesting.


Anastasia Bobrovskaya

Translated by Galina Luschik

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