"This is a kind of leisure, where you can develop your logical thinking": board games took place in YMCA Minsk again.

Ingenious and nimble, gambling, funny and persistent, the participants fought for the right to be the best, everyone wanted to win, but the prize was taken not only by those who had a strategy, but also by those who were just lucky. Not always in board games you can guess the opponent’s intentions, but many willingly agreed to risk and put their “life” in danger. 

You can read in today's news how YMCA Minsk play board games.

Alexey Navadsky claims that board games for him are a whole universe:

- This is a different world with its own rules and people. New acquaintances, development of thinking, speed of decision making. I can not say which game I liked the most, because I haven't played all games, unfortunately.

When asked what should be changed in holding meetings, Sasha answers:

You can start by attracting more people, at least one or two friends, organize competitions and tournaments with some kind of symbolic prize.

“Board games for me are primarily games,” Nadezhda Rubtsevich shared her impressions after the meeting. “Every day we meet many difficulties and take many responsible decisions, which is why it is so important not to lose our inner child. Such games are a great useful team building. Both communication skills and strategic thinking develop as well as logic. Nadya told which games she liked the most:

“On Friday, I liked the game "Saboteur" most because it was the most emotional. We argued, thought through our moves and tactics. By the way, communication for me is always the most interesting in games. Everything was great, I think.

As an organizer, Nadezhda would like people to take a more responsible attitude towards their decisions and at least warn her in advance that they are unable to come.

Anastasia Bobrovskaya

Translated by Olya Korotkova

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