It Is important to hold such the events

“I hope that we have helped the parents and it will be beneficial for them”: the charity event “The day of the speech health” was held in Minsk.

YMCA Minsk with  the centre of the speech and behavior development “Aleshka” held the fundraising event for a team called “Angels’ wings”. All the collected funds will be handed to the representative – Irina Dergach. Thanks to all for our event!

Daria Shvedovskaya, the organizer of the event, told about the event, why it was held and who will hand the funds:

Today we held the event “The day of the speech health”. We decided to make it the charity event. We collect money for the team “Angels’ wings”, which runs with the people with special needs using wheelchairs.

Children undergo a psychological diagnosis, they are worked with psychologists and defectologists who hold the consultations for both children and parents. There were seminars for parents, where our speakers answered all the questions.

Yulia Victorovna Dozhenko, the head of the centre “Aleshka”:

- Today we hold the event called “The day of the speech health”. We diagnose children aged 2-9, fill out the speech cards, find out some problems, specifications and tell the parents what kind of specialist they need. Children played in a sensory room with their parents and our volunteers. Some students worked with our specialists. There were seminars on logoritmikes, neuropsychological approach, the standards of the speech development for preschoolers and schoolers.

Yulia stressed that such the events are very important and should be held.

- I hope we have helped the parents. We will try to go on holding these events in the future.

Volunteers told us why they were here not at home that day.

Irina Protko:

- It is important to hold such the events because children become more sociable. It is very important for the volunteers because they feel that they help these children. Every day for so many years parents and the workers of the centre put the understanding, strength and patience into the children. It is amazing! It is also about the miracles when the medicine can’t help but due to the love and insistency of the parents in some years you see the teenager who is not different from his fellows.

Pavel Levitchenkov spoke with children:

- Today I was responsible for the technical side of the seminar which was very interesting. I learned some new information and want to read something about neuropsychology. The lady from the Belarussian State University named Maksim Tank told about the standard of the speech development. I met new people who told me a lot of interesting things which I couldn’t even imagine before.

Thanks to the partners of the event:

- Entertaining center “Tsargrad”

- Trampoline arena “Gravitation”

Anastasia Bobrovskaya

Translated by Galina Lushchyk

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