How was the conference, and who of YMCA Minsk joined the National Council

For two days, the YMCA Belarus Educational Center in Ponemontsy turned into a place of communication among active members of the organization and choosing a future development path.
There were a lot of important issues on the agenda of the Conference. One of them: the election of the national Council and its chairman.
As a result of the vote, Maria Medvedeva, a member of the Minsk local branch, was elected for a second term.
Now, Inessa Volochko also represents the city of Minsk in the National Council, and Ruslan Ananyev was elected as a chairman of the Audit Commission.

Candidates from YMCA Minsk talked about how the Conference was held and what was remembered most of all.

Anastasia Novitskaya:
- I was at the conference for the first time, although at YMCA I’m almost for 18 years. It is a great and interesting experience. The results of the Conference were quite unexpected. In general, the event is interesting and large-scale. For me it is also exciting, so it was decided to try my hand at the national audit commission. Beautiful weather on the banks of Neman turned out to be a wonderful pastime, and in YMCA – even more.

Sergey Malko:
- The conference was quite active. We had discussions, elections and congratulations. So the chairman of the Council, the chairman of the Audit Commission and a member of the Council left for Minsk.

Igor Lobkov:
- The day was very interesting. We took part in the elections to the National Council of the organization, elected a chairman. The results were quite unpredictable.

Bobrovskaya Anastasia

Translated by Galina Lushchyk

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