How to develop creativity?

The training on the development of creative thinking was held for participants of YMCA Minsk by Karolina Terentyeva from Vitebsk. During the training, the participants were studying the theory and then tried to put their knowledge into practice.

“The training program consisted of two blocks,” – said Karolina Terentyeva. “There was an interactive lecture at the beginning of the session. Then we had an exciting practice. I have suggested several methods of developing creative thinking, including “5 + 5”, “4 words” and others. I was very pleased that Minsk participants were active, had a lively debate, asked questions, and shared their experiences. It inspired me a lot.”

“Each training is always something new,” – shared Anton Archipenko from YMCA Minsk. “This time I have managed to try several interesting techniques for developing creative thinking. I think that creative thinking skills are universal: they can be used in every sphere of life and in different situations, especially in non-trivial ones.”

“When I decided to go to this training on creative thinking, I did not formulate a specific request,” – said Irina Protko from YMCA Minsk. “At the same time, my expectations have been fully realized. It was interesting to learn about the influence of external factors on the ability to create new ideas. I liked the creative technique "5 + 5" most of all. I would like to see the basics of creative thinking in the programs of art majors in universities. This would help marketers with their projects. What is more, this experience can be useful for PR people, IT specialists and others.”

This training on the development of creative thinking is a part of series of events that Karolina Terentyeva conducts in terms of the training course on the preparation of "Y-trainers". It is widely attended by the participants of different local departments of YMCA Belarus.

Ruslan Ananye

Translated by Olya Barysh

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