Four times five: YMCA representatives challenged themselves at Mink half marathon

Igor Lobkov and Julia Kamyak took part in a sports competition that was the biggest in its history. Their total distance was 26 kilometers.

‘I went for the maximum distance of 21,1 kilometers’, says Igor Lobkov. ‘It appeared to be less than it first seemed. Just four times five.’

In preparation for the marathon Igor jogged 3-5 km before and after work. He advises to start with a small distance and to increase it steadily.

‘I chose the shortest distance as I started training regularly only this summer, so I’m not that experienced,’ – Julia Kamyak says. ‘I jog twice a week at the stadium next to my home. ’

‘Jogging is a great cardio exercise’, Julia explains. ‘Your heart is a muscle that you need to train if you want to live a long and happy life. Some people aren’t willing to or are afraid of running because they don’t know how to do it right. So, if they do they don’t get any pleasure – only stress. It’s vital to pick the right pace. I’d advise to start with just walking in the fresh air then adding a minute of jogging to it and later increasing the time. I wish everybody to be healthy and happy!’

Minsk half marathon has been held annually since 2015. This one has become the biggest: 35 thousand runners from different countries took part. Each of them could choose to run the distance of 21.1 11.5 and 5.5 kilometers.

The route lies in the central part of the city.

Ruslan Ananiev

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Translated by Olya Korotkova

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