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We are young active people from Minsk. We are united by the desire to develop physically, spiritually, to engage in creativity and sports, to go camping, travel, and help other people. We are a part of the large international organization YMCA, which has been developing for more than 170 years and brings together over 50 million people all over the world. And that helps us to expand the boundaries of life, to use in our activities the valuable experience acquired for many years all over the world.


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Latest news

Впереди нас ждёт множество новых горизонтов, Достижения, взлетов и больших побед: YMCA Minsk отпраздновал свой День рождения

В среду, 27 февраля, YMCA Minsk отпраздновал свой 18-ый День рождения. В уютной атмосфере минского кафе собрались не только волонтеры и члены минского локального отделения, но и гости из Бобруйска и Цюриха.


YMCA Minsk in Switzerland: conquered the Alps, boiled the buckwheat in the suburbs of Zurich and surprised friends with the home kvass

The representatives of the YMCA Minsk arrived from Switzerland and told about the trip in CEVI Zumi-Neumi.


How to develop creativity?

The training on the development of creative thinking was held for participants of YMCA Minsk by Karolina Terentyeva from Vitebsk. During the training, the participants were studying the theory and then tried to put their knowledge into practice.


At YMCA Minsk they had a training in project management.

On Sunday November 25, a training was held at Minsk branch of YMCA, where organization members studied the theory of project creation.



"This is a kind of leisure, where you can develop your logical thinking": board games took place in YMCA Minsk again.

On Friday, November 23, the office of YMCA Minsk turned into a real battlefield for board game lovers. There were a lot of games: "Cats", "Sheriff", "Jenga Speed", "Skull", "Saboteur" and so on.


Election restart

New leaders of the YMCA Minsk were chosen at a general meeting in the capital. The members of the organization made an important decision: they chose the branch council and the chairman of the board, as well as members of the audit commission.


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